Dinner with U of H Endowment FY2015 Scholarship Winners - Nov 20 2014

The scholarship endowment is doing wonderful. To date we have given five (5) academic scholarships to deserving engineering students at the University of Houston’s Cullen School of Engineering. Texas state law allows out-of-state students (Hao is from Vietnam, Youssaira from Morocco) that receive at least $1000 in academic scholarships to get reduced tuition fees down to in-state rates, effectively cutting their tuition costs in half. So this added benefit parlayed the $1000 scholarship into over $6000 in benefits for their families which are struggling to afford the high costs of a college education these days.
— David & Helena Seiver
I am honored to provide a picture for the web page. The scholarship helped me tremendously throughout my senior year and I greatly appreciate it.
— 2013 Scholarship Recipient, Tin Liu

2013 U of H scholarship winner tin liu

Thanks to a very generous donation by David's father, John Richard Seiver, the University of Houston Margie Nell Eaves Seiver Scholarship Endowment was pleased to give its first $2500 academic scholarship out in the Fall of 2010 to Jacob Lee.

U of H Scholarship Winner #1 - Jacob Lee in 2012 with helena seiver (left) and John richard seiver (right)