Both David and Helena are professional engineers and thus two of the scholarship endowments are set up for aspiring engineering students.  The University of Houston scholarship endowment was set up in honor of David's mother, Margie Nell Eaves Seiver in 2008.  The Michigan Technological University scholarship endowment was set up in both David and Helena Seiver's name in 2012.  The newest endowment, set up in 2016, at the University of Montana (in Dave's father's name, John Richard Seiver who passed away April 10, 2018) is in forest stewardship, something both Dave & Helena have a deep appreciation for.  This website was created as a mechanism for updating the financial status of the scholarship endowments to the public, proudly displaying scholarship winners and donors, and providing contact information for new prospective donors, both individual and corporate.

As of December 2018, the combined Seiver Endowments exceed $120,000!